A Tribute To The Beast 1

Primer Disco de Tributos, previamente subi el segundo, disfrutenlo, y búsquenlo en sus tiendas favoritas!


  1. The Ides Of March/Purgatory (Steel Prophet)
  2. Aces High (Children Of Bodom)
  3. The Trooper (Rage)
  4. Hallowed Be Thy Name (Cradle Of Filth)
  5. Running Free (Grave Digger)
  6. Prowler (Burden Of Grief)
  7. Die With Your Boots On (Sonata Arctica)
  8. Children Of The Damned (Therion)
  9. Transylvania (Iced Earth)
  10. Remember Tomorrow (Opeth)
  11. The Number Of The Beast (Sinergy)
  12. Stranger In A Strange Land (Disbelief)
  13. Flight Of Icarus (Tierra Santa)
  14. 22 Acacia Avenue (Dark Tranquillity)
  15. Wrathchild (Six Feet Under)
  16. Powerslave (Darkane)
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